6 Months!!!

I can’t believe that Kensington is 6 months old!! Sometimes I think she’s been in our family forever. Other times, like today, it seems we just had her. How is she already rolling around and sitting up?!?

This year, our family has decided to celebrate our half-birthdays in an intentional effort to celebrate life. We don’t do much – no presents or parties or anything. Just a round of “happy birthday” with a candle in a cupcake. But we tell that person they are special. That our family wouldn’t be the same without them. That we notice how they are growing (internally and for the kids externally too). It’s an opportunity to remind them of who they are – they are loved, accepted, unique and important – to us and to Jesus.

It’s if course a little difficult to do some of these things for Kensi with her being so little, but we talked about how she is special, what we love about her and how our family is sweeter because she is in it.

We celebrated, not with a cupcake, but with Kensi’s first tastes of brown rice cereal. And what a perfect way to celebrate it was!!!







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