Bentley, you are just so tender…

You have always been a fan of both of your siblings.

But lately… you have been ever so sweet to your sisters. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for the brother you are to Harper and Kensington. You adore each of them.

You love holding Kensi and making her laugh. You shower her with hugs and kisses often. Lately your big thing with her is to sit next to her and force out a huge belly laugh. Kensington then lets out a huge belly laugh. And the two of you continue back and forth in a forced belly laugh contest. Anyone in the vicinity can not help but join in laughing!

Your relationship with Harper is beyond close. You guys are buddies, with a Capitol B. You guys do most everything together and for the most part, play wonderfully together. And lately you’ve been using your heart so well with her. Your dad and I have observed many unsolicited hugs from you to Harper… And sometimes even a kiss on her cheek (or shoulder, or back, or wherever you can quickly show her your affection), Coupled with you saying “I love you Harper, you’re the best sister ever.” These moments melt our hearts, as we glimpse into the tender soul God has given you.

One if the things I have loved watching bloom recently is your protectiveness of your sisters. You want nothing more for them to be ok. If you sense any one is wronging them, your fierce, justice spirit comes out. The other day you and Harper were on the playground and a little bully wasn’t leaving Harper alone. He was enjoying “the chase”, but he also was using hurtful language… You immediately put your body between he and Harper. You put your hand out in front of you and sternly said, ” Stop! That’s not nice! Leave my sister alone!” My boy, I loved this scene. Not because you guys were having to deal with a bully, but because I love seeing you care, love and protect your family. Every sister needs a brother who will be on her team. I’m so proud of you.

You continue to bless our family beyond measure, Bentley. You are the best. Brother. Ever.







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