Big Boy

Bentley has been going through some big, yet below the radar, transitions.

First off, Jeremy and I have been discussing more and more just how difficult it is to remember his age. He’s three. THREE. We’ve been reminding ourselves that Bentley is NOT an immature five year old. He IS a very mature and capable three year old. Pictures like this epitomize why it’s hard to remember…

Bentley is constantly complaining that his knees hurt. He is already so tall for his age that it’s hard for me to believe that he is continuously growing like he is! Wherever he goes, people have high standards for him because he looks so much older. I’ve been convicted that I need to affirm him more and more for being exactly where he’s at.


About three weeks ago, Bentley gave up his paci for good. At three and a half (just like Harper). He had a serious love for it, so I was expecting to navigate some rough waters in his transition. He has done fabulous – clearly he was ready to be ushered in to big boy hood! I am beyond proud of him and am enjoying his constant chatting and ideas 😉

Bentley has been refusing to take naps since shortly after Kensington was born. For a while it seemed like it worked. But with all the growing he’s been doing… We’re back to naps! He has had such a hard time with this, but it’s a MUST when suddenly we have HUGE melt downs mid-day. And once he goes down, he sleeps for two hours! Our growing boy wants to be so big, but rest is still required.

Bentley, it is so fun (and challenging sometimes) to see you emerging into big boy hood. Your tenderness and spirit inspire and melt our hearts and we couldn’t be more proud of how you’re growing!