In an effort to eliminate the word “overwhelmed” from my daily vocabulary… I’ve decided to try to post pictures and tid-bits to our blog more often. That means smaller, less OVERWHELMING, all-inclusive posts. I feel like I’m missing capturing so much of our kids’ lives recently due to the fact that long blog posts encapsulating THREE kids just requires too much time at this phase of life.

At this moment Kensington is sitting next to me in her high chair. Big girl business is happening in our house these days! She loves sitting in her high chair with a couple toys and some puffs to practice grabbing. It’s taken her about a month to catch on to the solid food thing – she sealed her lips shut for the first couple of weeks (clearly not ready). But now she’s realizing it’s pretty interesting. She’s sitting up like a total pro and loves rolling all around the house. This week I watched the beginnings of her pulling her tummy off the ground – watch out! Crawling is around the corner in the next few months!

She ADORES her older siblings and when I hold her in my arms, I can feel her body trying to lurch forward in efforts to be WITH them. Amazing to think that in about a year she’ll be chasing after them!

She is absolute JOY in our family and I often look at her and am in sheer amazement. I was so unsure about getting pregnant with a third baby… And I know that she was a pure LOVE GIFT from Jesus. We are so grateful for her!