Little Athlete

Harper has been emerging as our athlete lately. About 6months ago, Jeremy and I made the observation that almost everything in life for Harper is a competition. It’s been fun to see this part of her personality. If we ever need to motivate her, we just turn the task in to a competition and our girl is immediately on the move.

For a handful of months she’s been doing swimming lessons and a tap/ballet class. She’s loved both of them. On the first day of swimming, Harper asked her swim instructor, Miss Molly, if she would let her swim the length of the pool – easy there sweetie! But since she is self-motivated, she’s already doing exactly that.

Her dance class performed at the San Diego Kids Expo last month and Harper loved the experience. Their performance highlighted Harper’s inner “actress”. I’ve had multiple teachers and friends ask me if I’ve thought about putting her in acting classes… She is unafraid of performing and sparkles at the same time. Her dance class continues to confirm this.

About a month ago, she and Bentley joined a little soccer program on Saturdays to expose them to the sport. Both of them have been beyond excited to go each week! Today, Harper came home and told me Coach Katie asked her to play with the “big” kids (the 6-10 year olds). The competition side of Harper causes her to be beyond focused when someone is instructing her. She was so excited and exhausted after today’s practice that she took a 2+ hour nap today (which never happens)!

Fortunately (and perhaps unfortunately) she has inherited her mother’s killer competitiveness. I think Jeremy and I are going to have to hold on tight with this girl!!